• #57/2B

    2B Stone

    #57/2B stone is the staple of our stone sales. It is used in a very wide range of projects. Including grading concrete, water and sewer lines, ditches, driveways, and many other ditch and non-ditch projects. It contains minimal fines therefore it does not compact and allows for drainage. It is approximately 2" in size.

  • 2A

    2A Stone

    2A is a modified stone used for road or driveway base or applications requiring compaction. This stone can be most easily modified for driveway base, airport runways, roadway pre-pave, etc. Like 2RC it is sized at 2" and under.

  • 2RC

    Concrete Sand

    2RC is a modified stone which means it includes a variety of sizes and fines which are 2" and under. This product includes 5 aggregates and may have some clay or soil content. It is used in a variety of ways and packs well. It can be compacted for driveway beds and roadway beds, it is also used in water and sewer installation. It is sized at 2" and under.

  • 3A


    3A is a mixture of stone 3" and under. There is little dirt or clay in the product, therefore it drains well. It is often used as a base material.

  • Aashto #1 (#4 Stone)

    AASHTO #1

    Aashto #1 is a clean blend of various sizes. The maximum size is 4". It is primarily used as a subgrade medium for drainage.

  • Aashto #3 (# 3 Stone)

    AASHTO #3

    Aashto #3 is like Aashto #1 except the maximum size is 3". Again it is typically used as drainage material.

  • R-3 thru R-8 Rip Rap

    AASHTO #1

    R-Rock can range from 3" to 42". It is used for a variety of projects, including bed, stream lining, gabion baskets, oil and gas well base, etc. Camm reports for state certification are available.


  • B-3 Bedding Sand / Certified Sand Mound Sand

    Concrete Sand

    This sand is versatile bedding sand used in wide varieties of industries. It is used in the dairy farm industry, pipe bedding in the plumbing industry, gas line pipe bedding, and sometimes for fresh water beaches, etc. It is also an excellent certified sand for the sand mound and sewer industry.

  • Type A Concrete Sand

    Concrete Sand

    Our type A Concrete sand is a washed sand that is manufactured to a pre-set state standard and gradation. It is used in the pre-cast concrete industry, ready mix industry, and concrete road mix. Please contact Tim at 724-777-2256 for specifics.